Military Option Against Iran Likely to Be Ready in One Year

An Iron Dome air defense system fires to intercept a rocket. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov, File)

The Israeli Air Force will begin training in the coming year for a possible airstrike in Iran, Israel Hayom revealed in a report Tuesday. Training is expected to take a year.

Since Israel abandoned its readiness-training for an attack by Iran in 2016 several months after Iran signed the nuclear deal with world powers, to focus instead on similarly pressing issues elsewhere.

In recent months, however, as America has lifted significant economic sanctions previously imposed on Iran, and Tehran has continued to develop its nuclear program without returning to negotiations, Israeli leaders decided to start planning again for a possible airstrike in Iran and allocated funds for the task.

Israeli officials have also noted that Iran is developing an advanced surface-to-air missile that it has already stationed in countries such as Iraq, Yemen and Syria, whose purpose, among other things, is to shoot down IAF planes, which according to foreign reports are active in the arena.

Additionally, the IDF intends to make 10 Iron Dome batteries operational in the near future and have several in reserve.