Subway Crime Down, General Theft Up According to Latest Stats


Overall subway crime has fallen to a 25-year low, but subway theft has risen, according to new data from city officials.

According to the MTA, subway crime has fallen to levels not seen since the 1990s, but NYPD said thefts and robberies have jumped 50%. In September, grand larcenies in the train system went from 64 to 94. Assaults and other crimes remained the same.

With ridership steadily increasing and millions riding daily, there are more opportunities for criminals,  Lisa Daglian of the MTA Citizens Advisory Committee told NBC 4.

“There are more riders on board. When you have more riders you have more opportunities for more crime. Always going to be people who takes advantage of crimes of opportunity,” Daglian said.

Though crime has overall remained low, high profile attacks have frightened the public and prompted the city to sends hundreds more police officers to patrol the subway system.