Shaked Plans to Dry Up Funding for Arab Criminals


Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked has a new angle on combating crime in the Arab sector, something more sophisticated than bigger and better police raids.

Shaked’s plan is to cut off sources of funding of Arab crime organizations by taking control of the flow of money for municipal services that are being siphoned off by criminal elements, Arutz Sheva said.

The plan was formulated after she discovered that in many Arab towns, crime families have battened on funds for services such as garbage disposal and transportation, and used it for their criminal activities.

Instead, services will be provided via local authorities, with checks to make sure the funding for them goes to the service companies.

“We will be fighting against crime in the Arab sector using all the means at our disposal,” Shaked said, “and also combating the situation of lawlessness in the Negev region.”

Shaked added that, “This is just the beginning. The drying-up of funding for crime syndicates is an important step to be taking. Mayors will no longer be subject to extortion.”