Bahrain Ambassador Presents Credentials to Herzog

The first ambassador of Bahrain to the state of Israel Khalid Yusuf Al-Jalahma with Israeli president Isaac Herzog during a ceremony for new ambassadors at the President’s Residence in Yerushalayim, Tuesday. (Olivier Fitoussil/Flash90)

President Isaac Herzog received the credentials of the new ambassadors of Mexico, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Vatican City, and for the first time Bahrain, upon the assumption of their ambassadorial duties to Israel on Tuesday.

President Herzog said to the ambassador of Bahrain: “Brave states take brave steps. The Abraham Accords were the fruit of both vision and power. The growing partnership between our countries is a model for the whole Middle East, and I hope that other states in our region will be inspired by your example.”

Ambassador Khaled Yusuf Al Jalahma of Bahrain: “Peace is the strategic choice of the Kingdom of Bahrain… His Majesty the King believes that dialogue, understanding, and building confidence are lofty principles and main foundations for achieving cooperation between nations and peoples… I am confident that this historic step will lay a solid foundation for relations between our two countries, based on the values of tolerance and coexistence between peoples, beliefs, and religions.”

The event took place on the first anniversary of the normalization of ties between the two countries.

The incoming ambassadors presented their letters of credence in formal ceremonies at the President’s Residence in Yerushalayim. The ambassadors were greeted by the IDF Orchestra playing their respective national anthems, and then proceeded to inspect the IDF honor guard. After presenting their letters of credence to President Herzog, the ambassadors signed the guest book of the President’s Residence, and at the end, the Israeli national anthem was played.

Presentation of credentials is a formal diplomatic ritual around the world without which an ambassador cannot fulfill his official duties.



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