Deep Concern Over Agreement Between Bennett and the Reform to Advance Kosel Framework

Selichos at the Kosel on Erev Rosh Hashanah. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

The sanctity of the Kosel is once again in danger in light of a pledge by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to the leaders of the Reform movement in recent days to give them what they want – a framework at the Kosel that would give the Reform a gathering place, which would be a gross violation of the holiness of the site, R”l. According to the report, Bennett conditioned his pledge on the passage of a budget in three readings, which would lead to some stability in his coalition.

Bennett spoke to the head of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations in the United States, and during the conversation he raised the subject of the Kosel framework. The plan seeks to give recognition to the Reform and Conservative movements, and to give them control of the Ezras Yisrael. Bennett was one of the initiators of this dangerous plan when it came up in the first place. In the past it was blocked by the chareidi representation, UTJ and Shas.

Based on the reports, Bennett clarified that the framework would be brought to the government after the state budget passes in three readings. “After the budget passes, and we have stability, we can start dealing with the more complex issues,” he said.

MK Rabbi Yaakov Litzman reacted to the reports and said that this is a harsh violation of the sanctity of the holiest site of the Jewish people, amidst recognition and backing for these reprehensible movements whose desire is to sow destruction in Jewish tradition and halachah. Rabbi Litzman emphasized that “for the first time, this Reform government is giving regular and public support to destructive movements, because the Bennett-Lapid-Liberman-Sa’ar coalition is Reform in every sense.”

The chareidi representation is gearing up to fight against the plan with every tool available. Continued recognition of the Reform movement indicates the extent of the danger of this government, Rabbi Litzman concluded.

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