MK Warns: Gov’t Policy on Iran ‘Bringing Certain Danger to Israel’s Doorstep’

Likud MK Tzachi Hanegbi. (Hillel Maeir/Flash90)

​The Knesset Plenum on Tuesday discussed a motion for the agenda on “the government’s neglect of the severe developments pertaining to the Iranian issue.”

MK Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud), who submitted the motion, said, “The question today is simple – what should the State of Israel do to make certain that Iran does not successfully complete its nuclear program and does not pose an existential threat to the Jewish state as a fanatic, fundamentalist regime that possesses a weapon of mass destruction? What needs to be done is precisely what did not occur during the meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister Bennett. Not only did it not happen, the opposite happened.

“This meeting reflected the severe predicament the State of Israel has been in since last June,” Hanegbi told the Plenum. “We have a government that lacks experience, lacks confidence, does not have a vision, lacks courage, is hesitant, and, to a large extent, is also paralyzed. The Bennett-Biden meeting essentially clarified to us that it is not just about lack of understanding or lack of experience, or about a Prime Minister who is just starting out. Rather, it is about a fundamentally wrong policy, the main element of which is irresponsibility, because it essentially brings to Israel’s doorstep a near and certain danger.”

Responding on behalf of the government, Minister Matan Kahana said, “The new government, which has been serving for three months, received a situation in which ​the Iranian nuclear program is at its most advanced stage. The government, from its first day, addressed the matter with all its attention and resources. During his visit to the United States, the Prime Minister expressed his position that a return to the nuclear agreement would be a mistake, and that Israel [does not support the agreement]. He explained to the Americans that, at this point in time, lifting the sanctions would greatly strengthen the Iranian regime, and that the value of restricting enrichment is very limited given the significant progress the Iranians have already made. At the same time, he made it clear that Israel reserves the right to decide for itself on the Iran issue.

“On the Iranian issue, we expect support also from the opposition,” Minister Kahana said. “Needless to say, this matter is at the core of Israel’s national security, and it mustn’t be a tool for political bashing.”

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