Hermit Emerges From Mountain Cave to get Vaccinated


A Serbian hermit who lived in a mountain cave for twenty years traveled down to the nearest village to get vaccinated, France 24 reported.

The virus “does not pick. It will come here, to my cave, too,” hermit Panta Petrovic told the media.

Petrovic lives near the outskirts of the town of Pirot, having long preferred nature to other people. Previously a day laborer, he lives simply in his cave, with no running water and stacks of hay for his bed. He lives on naturally growing vegetables and fishing in the nearby river, and raises chickens and goats. Neighbors give him donations for food and supplies.

Whatever money he’d gained from employment he donated to Pirot to build three small bridges.

“I was not free in the city. There is always someone in your way – you either argue with your wife, neighbors, or the police,” Petrovic said. “Here, nobody is hassling me.”

When he traveled to the town last year, he found out there was a pandemic. When the vaccines were available, he came back to be vaccinated, and then returned to his isolated mountain home.

“I want to get all three doses, including the extra one,” he said.




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