Report: Gaza Terrorist Groups Threaten to Copy Hezbollah Attacks

A pickup truck with a rocket launcher is seen in Chouaya, Lebanon, last Friday. (Reuters/Karamallah Daher)

Terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip are considering stepping up provocations beyond sending arson balloons across the border fence into Israel, the Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam reported Wednesday.

“Give the total breakdown in the negotiation efforts and Israel’s lack of response to the conditions of resistance, and the lack of any visible future for the internal interests or removal of the blockade, the resistance is looking at the option of ‘lighting up’ the border, which will not be limited to sending arson balloons and similar methods, but will move to what happened on the Israel-Lebanon border, including the clashes between Hezbollah and Israel,” a source said.

The unnamed source said that Israel had “turned its back on all the mediators, and started a series of steps to clamp down the blockade and fully retreat from recent decisions, as well as continually evading the issue of allowing Qatari money in [to Gaza],” the source continued.

The source said that Hamas’s military apparatus had been tracking groups suspected of ties with Israel and attempts to cause internal war and terrorist actions inside the Gaza Strip, and claimed that the various terrorist factions in Gaza would be invited to a meeting so that the situation could be “studied,” and a plan formed that would thwart the aforementioned plots.

According to the report, the terrorists’ military branches had arrested a few members of these groups.

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar newspaper reported that it learned that an Israeli delegation paid an urgent visit to Cairo at the start of this week in response to the arson balloon activity from Gaza, and that the Egyptians demanded that Hamas give Israel more time to discuss issues relating to Gaza.

According to Al-Akhbar, which is affiliated with Hezbollah, Israel and Hamas are still very far apart in their demands, especially given Israel’s insistence on tying humanitarian assistance to Gaza to the return of its captive fallen soldiers, Hy”d, and civilian prisoners.

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