Camp Agudah Masmidim Celebrate 135 Siyumim


Over 100 members of Machane Ephraim (Camp Agudah’s Masmidim Program) made siyumim at a “Siyum Hagadol” celebration on Sunday, the last day of Machane Ephraim’s season.

A total of 135 siyumim were made, either on mesechtos the bachurim learned in camp, or the mesechtos they had learned this year in yeshiva and completed in camp for the Siyum Hagadol.

Speakers included Harav Elimelech Belsky, Rosh Masmidim; Harav Hillel David; guest speaker Rabbi Akiva Neuhaus, R”M in Mesivta Shalom Shachna (The Cheder). Rabbi Dovid Frischman, menahel of the Masmidim program, chaired the event.

A joyous dance was held following the siyum, which Rabbi Frischman described as “the culmination of a summer of amazing hasmadah.” Music was led by Yitzy Bald, with singing by Yisroel Werdyger.

Photos and videos by Avraham Elbaz —, and Shlomo Z. Greenberg.




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