Corona Cabinet Releases New Lists of Color Codes of Countries

Travelers seen at the Ben Gurion International Airport. (Flash90/File)

The Corona Cabinet released on Sunday a list of the new classification of countries scheduled to take effect on Monday, August 9, 2021, subject to approval.

It will be permitted to travel to countries designated as Yellow, or low risk, but upon return to Israel from Yellow countries the traveler is obligated to isolate until a negative test result for COVID is received or 24 hours, whichever is earlier. Unvaccinated people must be fully isolated.

Yellow countries include: Austria, Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Taiwan, Moldova, New Zealand, China, Singapore and the Czech Republic.

Travel is prohibited to countries designated as Red countries, or at maximum risk, except in exceptional cases approved by the Exceptions Committee. (Applications to the Exceptions Committee are available at!applicantDetails.)

Red countries include: Bulgaria, Brazil, Georgia, Mexico, Spain and Turkey. The United Kingdom was removed from the Red country list.

Countries not designated in these lists as Yellow or Red are considered Orange countries, and travelers returning from them will be required to be fully isolated for 14 days — at any age, including those vaccinated and those who recovered from COVID. However, they may cut short their isolation if they receive a negative PCR test on day 7 of their isolation.

The classification of the countries into the various categories will be examined from time to time in accordance with the morbidity data, and an up-to-date list will be published accordingly.

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