Bennett Enlists Mom in Vaccine Campaign


Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s mother joined her son’s campaign to promote a third vaccine for the over-60s on Tuesday.

Bennett accompanied his mother, Myrna Bennett, as she received the booster shot for the coronavirus vaccine. Her grandson, the Prime Minister’s nephew, Yair, was also present, at a Maccabi Healthcare Services clinic in Haifa.

“The Delta pandemic is increasing dramatically around the world. It is striking mainly at the older population, the people who are most important to us, in my case, my mother,” Bennett said.

“One must know that almost nine out of ten people who are very sick are over age 60. The booster, the third vaccine, simply ‘reloads’ the body’s defenses and allows us to save lives. It is rare that we have such a clear-cut opportunity to save lives.

“All that is necessary and all that I ask of everyone, children, grandchildren and parents: Go and get vaccinated. Vaccinate a third time whoever is over age 60. Young people who have not gone to get vaccinated – go and get vaccinated.

Mrs. Bennett explained that “I would have come even if he was not the prime minister because I truly believe that this is important to all of us. The elderly are doing this but I worry about younger people who have not yet received the first vaccination. I want to be with him for Rosh Hashanah and go to my grandson’s wedding in October. I do not want another lockdown,” she said.

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