Bus Driver Suspended After Shocking Tirade Against Chareidi Passengers

Kavim buses in Yerushalayim. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

A disturbing incident that took place Wednesday on a bus going from Yerushalayim to Beitar Illit has resulted in harsh condemnations and led to the suspension of the driver.

In a video shared on social media, the driver of the Kavim bus operator was caught on camera verbally abusing the chareidi passengers, even threatening them with physical confrontation.

The driver claimed that the clash erupted after passengers refused to heed his repeated requests to put on masks and after they had allegedly asked him to stop the vehicle at points not designated as bus stops.

According to some of the passengers, the driver has been rude toward riders before.

“I ride with you every week and you do not behave nicely,” one woman was recorded telling the driver. “Why do you treat us like this? If you don’t want to work with chareidim, then don’t.”

The driver also said he would “rather work with Hezbollah than with chareidim,” and called the chareidi passengers “worthless” and “trash.” He also said it was too bad they had not “all died in Meron,” referring to the deadly Lag BaOmer event that claimed the lives of 45 people, most of them chareidim.

Kavim condemned the incident and summoned the driver for a hearing.

“We are deeply sorry for the driver’s conduct. We will not tolerate such behavior on behalf of our drivers and workers and will do our utmost to prevent such incidents in the future. The driver has been suspended pending a pre-termination hearing.”

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