Cuomo Announces State of Emergency Over

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo at a press briefing. (Office of Gov. Cuomo)

New York’s state of emergency due to the coronavirus is over, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced at his press conference on Wednesday.

The emergency declaration, which the governor signed in March 2020, will expire June 24 2021. Cuomo will not renew it.

“We have reached a new plateau,” said Cuomo. “The emergency is over.”

CDC guidance, including mask wearing in public transportation and health institutions remain in place. Local governments may set further guidelines; the New York City public schools have indicated masks will be mandatory for students in September.

The governor did not release the daily indicators of case numbers and positivity rates, stating, “We are past the day-to-day monitoring of Covid.”

Cuomo warned declaring the pandemic completely over may be premature, noting the circulation of the more infectious Delta variant, which originated in India.

“We are still watching Covid,” he said. “It would be irresponsible and reckless not to be wary of Covid.”

The governor also commented on the New York City mayoral election. He praised the frontrunner and presumed winner, Eric Adams.

“I have a good relationship with Eric Adams. I know him, he was in Albany [we] worked together,” Cuomo said. “I think the voters were looking for two major components: confidence in leadership, competence in administration.”