MOA Reached Between Sheba and Abu Dhabi Health Ministry

Signing the memorandum, on Tuesday morning.

Delegations from Sheba and the Ministry of Health of Abu Dhabi formulated a historic agreement this morning, under which medical services will be provided through the first virtual hospital in Israel, SHEBA BEYOND, in which local medical teams will be trained, medical tourism promoted and medical innovation and consulting services encouraged. Medical simulation and assistance in certifying hospitals to international quality standards, will also be provided.

This agreement joins other agreements signed by Sheba with officials in the United Arab Emirates as part of the promotion of innovation in medicine in Israel and around the world.

The director of Sheba Medical Center, Prof. Yitzchak Kreis, congratulated Abu Dhabi Health Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Buti al-Hamed on the collaboration and said that “the Memorandum of Understanding signed this morning will pave the way for change and shape the future of medicine To provide the best medicine for every person, everywhere and without time or distance restrictions.”