Yerushalayim’s Shaarei Zedek Parking Lot Collapses

Fire and search-and rescue crews at the scene of where a parking lot collapsed into a giant sinkhole at the Shaare Tzedek Medical Hospital in Yerushalayim on Monday. (Oliver Fitoussi/Flash90)

A parking lot in Yerushalayim’s Shaarei Zedek Medical Center collapsed Monday afternoon, leaving a gaping sinkhole below.

The police department said that there were no injuries, though fire and rescue crews are still searching for people who may be trapped underneath the rubble.

The Fire and Rescue Service said: “Seven fire extinguishing, evacuation, and rescue teams from the Yerushalayim station, aided by the District’s Unit for Special Evacuations, are acting now at the sinkhole which opened at the parking lot at the entrance to Shaare Zedek Medical Center.”

“The firefighters are searching for people who are injured or trapped at the site of the collapse, and there are efforts to locate vehicles which we are concerned were buried within the sinkhole.”