Adams Leads in Latest Mayoral Poll

new york city mayoral race poll
Mayoral candidate Eric Adams in the Bronx. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Eric Adams has maintained a narrow lead in the latest mayoral poll from Spectrum News NY1/Ipsos poll. Adams led with 22% of support, while Andrew Yang was at 16% and Kathryn Garcia nipped at his heels with 15% of support.

Scott Stringer stood at 10%, and all other candidates were in the single digits.

Adams’s 6% lead was outside of the 4.5% margin of error, and spells trouble for Yang. For months the entrepreneur enjoyed a double-digit lead in polls, but has seen the race tightening between him and Adams in recent weeks. Yang still holds a lead in terms of voter familiarity, with 85% of respondents recognizing him and 73% recognizing Adams.

Adams, as a former police officer, has described himself as uniquely suited to tackle the rising crime and violence currently plaguing the city as it attempts to return to normal.

Garcia, the former sanitation commissioner, received a dramatic popularity bump after an endorsement from the New York Times, going from single to double digits in the span of a month.

The poll was conducted from May 17 to 31, before the second mayoral debate and before a second accuser came forward with allegations of harassment against Scott Stringer. The survey of 907 likely Democrat voters also concluded before Maya Wiley was endorsed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a move that could garner support from the city’s left-leaning voters.


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