Distraught Manchester Family Fights U.K. Judge’s Euthanasia Decision


A Manchester family is devastated by a judge’s decision that a hospital should no longer treat their baby daughter, but only provide her with palliative care.

Alta Fixsler, now aged two and a half, suffered a very severe brain injury at birth and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, which is responsible for her care, says there is no potential for her condition ever to improve, or for her to breathe or eat without medical equipment.

Mr. and Mrs. Fixsler, who are Israeli citizens living in Manchester, sought to take Alta to Israel, where there are hospitals willing to accept her and where the attitude to patients in her condition is very different than that in the U.K.

Their lawyer said, “They would like her to be treated in Israel by doctors who share their religious beliefs and ethical framework, and struggle to understand why the trust will not agree to this.

“Hospitals in Israel are willing to accept Alta, the risks of transfer are very low, and the costs of transporting Alta safely will be met.”

The judge said he made his decision with “immense sadness.”

The Fixsler family have appealed to the Israeli Rabbinate, the Health Ministry, the Israeli legal system and chareidi MKs for assistance to be able to bring their daughter to Israel.

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