Indoor Dining Curfew Ends in New York


The indoor dining curfew on restaurants and bars in New York ends on Monday, as the state’s coronavirus positivity rates sink to less than 1%.

Indoor dining resumed in February, but restaurants and bars had a strict midnight curfew and capacity restrictions, Fox News 5 reported.

The curfew for outdoor dining ended on May 17.

The curfew for catered events has been lifted as well.

“During the month of May we took major steps towards reopening our economy and as of May 31, we are lifting the midnight curfew on indoor dining for bars and restaurants across New York,” governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement.  “Like every other milestone of our reopening, the end of curfew for indoor dining is the result of New Yorkers banding together, practicing safety precautions and getting vaccinated, so we can defeat the virus and work our way towards a new normal.”

Updated Monday, May 31, 2021 at 10:05 pm .