Netanyahu: Arab Rioters Who Behave Like Terrorists Will Be Treated as Such

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu speaks during meeting with border police following violence in the Arab-Jewish town of Lod, Thursday. (Yuval Chen/Pool via Reuters)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Motzoei Shabbos that Arab rioters who attack Jews and behave like terrorists will be treated as such.

Speaking in an address broadcast live, Netanyahu said that Israel’s attacks on Gaza are justified after the terror factions in the Strip launched deadly rocket strikes on civilian communities including Yerushalayim and Tel Aviv.

“The Gaza attacks will continue. Every country has the right to defend itself,” the Prime Minister said. “I spoke to President Biden and thanked him for his support,” he said.

“To the terrorist chiefs I say: You cannot hide; no one is immune. The building which you saw fall today in Gaza was used as a military intelligence center for Hamas. It’s not an innocent building.

“The operation will continue as long as necessary.”

Netanyahu also said 25 world leaders have expressed their support of Israel and that he was moved when three European countries chose to fly the Israeli flag on their government building.

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