Netanyahu Urges Return to Law and Order on All Sides

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the Israelis who were wounded in rocket attacks in central Israel last night, at the Wolfson hospital in Holon. May 12, 2021. (Yossi Aloni/FLASH90)

What has been happening in Israeli cities in recent days is unbearable,” Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu said on Wednesday as he described the acts of terror committed by Arabs in cities across the country. “We have seen Arab rioters setting fire to synagogues, setting fire to cars, attacking police officers, harming peaceful and innocent civilians. This is something we cannot accept, this is anarchy.”

Netanyahu went on to denounce attempted lynching of Jews by an Arab mob, saying in forceful terms that nothing justifies that, and that by the same measure nothing justifies lynching Arabs by Jew. He implored the citizens of Israel not to take the law into their own hands.

Netanyahu instructed the police to adopt emergency powers and to reinforce the Border Police forces. In addition, curfew will be imposed if necessary.

A meeting was convened to give more powers to the police and give them more backing. Netanyahu promised to give them all they need to restore order.

“Let us unite together to do the task we need as citizens of our country, he said. “To restore governance, eliminate this anarchy and preserve and restore the security and peace we all deserve.”

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