Kavod Hameis Amid Sirens in Ashdod


A 94-year-old woman who had no children recently passed away in Barzilai Hospital in Ashdod, leaving no children or family to accompany her on her final journey. ZAKA volunteers, who dedicate themselves to saving lives and kavod hameis took out time from their emergency duties to join members of the chevra kadisha to join the minyan for her kevurah at the Ashdod cemetery.

Avi Deri, ZAKA Lachish commander and member of the chevra kadisha of Ashdod said, “Because of the difficult situation in Ashdod, with the frequent sirens and rocket attacks, there was no-one to say Kaddish for her. Her body lay at the hospital for several days because no family member could be found, so we brought her body to the cemetery and, together with the chevra kadisha, we brought her to burial with a minyan. Even in these difficult days, we were privileged to be able to respect the dead, light a candle and say kaddish”.