State of Emergency in Lod; Arab Rioters Out of Control

Remnants of the burnt shul in Lod.

Thousands of Arab rioters inflicted tremendous damage in Lod late into Tuesday night. A shul was torched and destroyed in Lod, and 2 Jews, critically injured, were being transported to the hospital after he was attacked by Arabs.

(Video from Rahat, near Beer Sheva, via Chadashot Hashoagim L’yemin)

The mayor of the city of Lod, Mr. Yair Rebibo, said on Channel 12 news, “Lod is close to civil war. There is no army and no police on the street. I was the one to tell Netanyahu to bring Ra’am to the government, but whoever is behind what’s going on here is the Muslim Movement.”
The mayor begged with authorities to decree a military curfew in the entire city.

Mayor Yair Revivo said, “Human lives are in danger. People could die tonight if the government does not impose a closure on the city in the next hour. Police and military forces must arrive immediately to enforce the closure. This threat and the damage that could be done to human life is more severe than the firing of hundreds of rockets at Israel. The city must be closed within an hour!”

Reporter Amit Segal tweeted: ‘If the Army Does Not Enter Lod Immediately to Stop the Arabs, the Meron Tragedy Will Be Minor Beside It.’
In response Netanyahu tweeted, “Border police units will be transferred from Yehudah and Shomron to Lod immediately.”

Ra’am MK Mansour Abbas said, “I am calling all demonstrators to realize their legal and legitimate rights to demonstrate and to express their opinion in a responsible manner, without harming human life.”

A short while later, Minister of Internal Security Ohana announced, “Tonight we are declaring a special civil emergency in Lod. Everything necessary is being done to restore law and order in Lod and throughout the country.

“After security consultations, it was decided to call up 16 reserve border companies and evacuate the Judea and Samaria border companies and transfer them to Lod to strengthen the police forces immediately.”

“What we have seen here is anarchy, governance needs to be restored, we are in a state of emergency, it is a matter of life and death,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said.

“I let (security) forces to flow into the city, and I instructed the security forces that if needed, you will do everything to restore order. I expect the leaders of the Arab public to come out strongly against the outlaws.”

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