Several Arabs Arrested on Temple Mount as Riots Renew; Police Attacked

Palestinians stand next to a fire during clashes with Israeli police at Damascus Gate on Motzoei Shabbos. (Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)

The IDF and Israel police have increased troop presence after violent clashes and the thwarting of a “major attack” overshadowed the end of Ramadan in Yerushalayim and across Yehudah and Shomron.

Additional clashes following those that had occurred on Friday night were expected to occur once more on Motzoei Shabbos as Muslims made their way to the Al-Aqsa mosque, which, as of Motzoei Shabbos, hosted over 80,000 people.

Police defended their actions as security moves, but these were seen as provocations by Muslims who accuse Israel of threatening their freedom of worship.

Police chief Koby Shabtai said he was deploying more police in Yerushalayim following a night of heavy clashes on Friday between Palestinians and Israeli police.

“The right to demonstrate will be respected but public disturbances will be met with force and zero tolerance. I call on everyone to act responsibly and with restraint,” Shabtai said.

Police reported clashes with Palestinian protesters late Motzoei Shabbos in Yerushalayim’s Old City, near Al-Aqsa, and in the nearby Eastern Yerushalayim neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, where dozens of Palestinians are fighting attempts to evict them from their homes.

Police reported two arrests, and Palestinian medics said two protesters were hospitalized after being beaten by police. Police said one officer was wounded after being struck in the face with a rock.

Additional reporting by AP.

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