Apostille Stamp No Longer Required for Most Israel Entry Requests

The departure hall at Ben Gurion Airport during the COVID lockdown. (Yossi Aloni/Flash90)

As has been extensively reported, for the past several weeks it has been possible for relatives of Israeli citizens to obtain permission to enter Israel. However, a challenging component of the application process has been the requirement of an apostille stamp on various documents, such as birth or marriage certificates.

Thanks to the efforts of the Amudim organization, this requirement has now been largely dropped, Chaim V’Chessed reported. Effective immediately, an apostille is no longer required to accompany most proof of relationship documents. The only exceptions are foreign spouses of Israeli citizens and minor children of an Israeli citizen parent.

However, due to the extremely high volume of requests, requests that have not yet been submitted will almost certainly not be approved in time for Lag BaOmer travel. The only exceptions to this are requests for funerals or life-threatening medical emergencies.