Details on Vaccine Deals Emerge

Moderna headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Fletcher)

The “millions” of doses of coronavirus vaccine procured by Israel were given a more specific number on Tuesday, along with the prices to be paid for them.

Israel will be receiving its target quantity – a total of 18 million doses – 10 million from Pfizer and 8 million from Moderna by the end of 2022, Globes reported. The supplies, in addition to existing reserves, are expected to meet the country’s needs during that period.

The Ministry of Health anticipates that two more vaccinations per person will be needed next year to boost the number of antibodies in each recipient.

Meanwhile, a shipment of 700,000 Pfizer Covid vaccine doses is due to arrive in the coming days, to allow for vaccinating 12-16 year olds, pending FDA approval.

A source informed Globes that a clause in the contract with Moderna requires Israel to make more extensive use of the vaccine, rather than marginal use it has made until now.

The cost of each was said to be $30, for a total expenditure of NIS 1.8 billion from surplus funds in the Covid-19 special budget, which has already been approved by the cabinet.