From Now, All Students to Be Allowed to Enter Israel

The departure hall at Ben Gurion Airport during the COVID lockdown. (Yossi Aloni/Flash90)

The Chaim V’Chessed organization announced Monday that all students will now be permitted to enter Israel. This includes families, married couples, as well as single students.

More significantly, even new students will now be granted entry permits to enter the country to study.

For the past few months, Israel has been stringently limiting the entry of foreigners. Due to these restrictions, students have been barred from entering the country, even if they have already commenced studies in Israel. For this reason, many students refrained from traveling abroad for Pesach, due the the fear of being prevented from returning to Israel.

Over the past several weeks, various parties, led by Rabbi Nechemya Malinowitz of the Igud, have labored ceaselessly to obtain permission for students’ return. After intensive efforts, these efforts have now borne fruit.

It was noted that entry will not be limited to recovered/vaccinated patients. Those without Israeli certificates of recovery/vaccination will be required to quarantine upon entering the country. This can be alleviated if proven to have antibodies by a test taken in an approved laboratory.

Application for entry permits must be done via one’s institution.