Jewish Community of Rockland to Join in Honoring Fallen Firefighter

Firefighter Jared Lloyd. (Town of Ramapo Police Dept)

Members of the Spring Valley and Monsey community are planning to join other residents as they pay tribute to Firefighter Jared Lloyd, who perished in a fire at the Evergreen Court Home for Adults on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

While dozens of firefighters from multiple companies fought the blaze, saving many of the elderly residents of the home, Firefighter Lloyd was trapped on an upper floor as he searched for additional people, and eventually perished as the fire engulfed the roof and it collapsed.

The funeral procession will begin at Boulder Stadium and travel along Route 45 until Route 59, and then continue along Main Street until reaching Brick Church Road and arriving at the cemetery. The procession is scheduled to pass through the Jewish area of Spring Valley and Monsey on Shabbos, Shevi’i Shel Pesach (April 23), between 12:00 noon and 1:30 pm.

Local Rabbonim have requested that the residents gather on the roadside to pay their respects to the valiant firefighter who gave his life in the service of the community.