Preparations at the Kosel for Shvi’i Shel Pesach and Isru Chag

(The Western Wall Heritage Foundation)

Tens of thousands of visitors, including many leading Rabbonim, visited the Kosel every day of Pesach 5781, after attendance at the Kosel plaza was severely limited during Pesach 5780 and Succos of this year.

(The Western Wall Heritage Foundation)

The Kosel plaza was prepared in advance of the arrival of tens of thousands of mispallelim for the Birchas Kohanim and the days Chol Hamoed of the Yom Tov, while adhering to public health and observing the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

In order to meet the expectation of a large gathering from all over the country for Bichas Kohanim, it was divided into two different sessions, which were held with participation of a large crowd for the first time since the outbreak of the corona.

According to the assessment of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, on the seventh night of Pesach, the Kosel plaza is expected to be full and therefore entry will be limited, and the authorities are recommending to visit before Shabbos.

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