Info on Boro Park’s Pre-Pesach Trash Pickup and Sreifas Chametz Locations

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Following are regulations for this year’s public sreifas chametz in Boro Park, per Community Board 12:

Sreifas chametz on Friday, March 26th, must be completed by 11:45 am. The Fire Department will strictly enforce this 11:45 deadline.

Only chametz gamur should be burned, as required. We have seen people throw all types of garbage into the fire in previous years. This is not required and contributes to larger than necessary fires that increase the risk of injury.

DO NOT throw any flammable or combustible items into the fire, including paint thinners, aerosol cans, sprays, lighter fluid, any liquid that is used to ignite the fire or any other flammable liquid.

Do not throw bottles, both glass and plastic, into the fire. This is extremely dangerous. In the past there have been some serious accidents resulting from improper disposal of such items in the fire.

Do not throw Chometz enclosed in silver foil into the fire, it will not burn.

NYPD and FDNY will not allow any unsanctioned fires, on the streets or in dumpsters. The Police and Fire Departments will be on the lookout for any of these fires and will extinguish them immediately. We are asking the community to please be considerate and take into account the hard work and great expense it took to set this up and cooperate fully with this system.

Sanitation Pickup Schedule:

DSNY will begin collecting all extra Pesach related garbage, including bulk, on Monday, March 15. We ask that you are diligent in placing your garbage out as early as possible so DSNY can collect it all over the two weeks before Pesach. Please do not wait until the last minute to put out your extra garbage. The Sanitation Department will collect all the trash in the district within the three days preceding Pesach: Thursday, Friday, and Shabbos, according to the regular collection schedule. We ask that you make every effort to place all of your trash for collection as early as possible, please do not wait until the last pre- Pesach collection.

DSNY will attempt to do a district wide pick-up on Shabbos, Erev Pesach. The thoroughness of this extra collection is dependent on the availability of resources and time. We strongly urge all residents to put their garbage out for collection as soon as possible to avoid overloading the trucks. We also urge you not to procrastinate any garbage for the Shabbos, Erev Pesach collection. All residents should place whatever garbage there is for pickup on Thursday and Friday even if Shabbos is your scheduled collection day. This is the only way DSNY can accommodate a thorough Erev Pesach collection. Should someone have a missed pickup please do not hesitate to call our office at 718-851-0800.

As an added benefit, the Sanitation Department will be cleaning certain major commercial strips in the district using MLPs (Motor Litter Patrols) and heavy-duty blowers.

Please be advised that all bulk items and cardboard boxes should be tied up and placed out neatly. All mattresses and box springs must be entirely wrapped, preferably in a store-bought bed bug bag or in plastic. If a mattress or box spring is placed out without being wrapped, Sanitation will not collect them. Additionally, DSNY requested as a time saving measure to try and place the garbage in bags curbside, and not in garbage cans. If you are able, please accommodate this request.

Sanitation will provide dumpsters at designated sites for additional garbage drop-off. A list of these container locations and burn sites is being published along with this press release. It is illegal to place anything other than household trash in these containers. In previous years there has been commercial dumping, especially construction materials, at these sites. This year DSNY will closely monitor the containers, any illegal disposals may result in a fine. It is not only illegal to dump commercial garbage; it is highly inconsiderate. Doing so leaves no room for household trash other residents are trying to dispose of.

Community Safety: As they do on every major holiday, the NYPD will be deploying additional resources to ensure the community’s safety. There will be round- the- clock police coverage on 53rd Street and 13th Avenue and on Avenue L and East 9th Street. Please feel free to approach these police officers with any issues. There will also be patrol cars driving throughout the district on the first two nights of Pesach as an increased security measure for those out late after the Sedarim. The NYPD will continually patrol throughout Pesach, especially during the Yom Tov days.