As of Now: Students to Be Allowed to Return to Israel After Pesach

A yeshivah student makes his way to yeshivah. (David Cohen/Flash90)

The Yeshiva and Seminary Coalition for Bnei Chul announced Tuesday that the Israel Population and Immigration Authority have informed them that as of now, all students who have been learning in Israel this year, and are vaccinated for coronavirus or in possession of a certificate of recovery, and who have traveled home for Pesach will be allowed back into the country after Yom Tov.

(Dependent on the pandemic situation not worsening dramatically in Israel.)

Every student must have:

A valid student visa

A vaccine certificate from Israel or an Israeli certificate of recovery.

The coalition is currently working out the details of which certification will be acceptable to the relevant government agencies, as the green passport is not yet working.

Married students and their families will abide by the same rules, and the vaccination requirement or recovery document in Israel, includes the wives and children.

The details regarding new students arriving after Pesach are still to follow.