Liberman Crosses Another Red Line: ‘Send the Chareidim to a Dump’

A Yisrael Beytenu election campaign poster. (Flash90)

The chairman of Yisrael Beytenu, MK Avigdor Liberman, has already crossed the red line several times on the way to try to garner a few more votes with severe incitement against the chareidi community, but over the weekend he seems to have crossed another line.

In an interview with Channel 12 News, he was asked what he would do with the chareidim and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after the election, he replied: “Put the chareidim together with Bibi on a wheelbarrow and send them to a nearby dump.” The interviewers not only did not condemn his words, they even enjoyed and had a good laugh at the horrific statement reminiscent of darker days.

His remarks were received in silence by the secular politicians; had this been a statement against the Arabs or the Ethiopians all would condemn and quickly send responses and demand his apology.

The chairman of United Torah Judaism, MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni, said: “His despair in the fight against Netanyahu brings him to these statements, we, the chareidim, have long treated him as someone who has lost his mind, who probably knows the garbage dump from close and brings it to public discourse. I’d expect law enforcement agencies to deal with this anti-Semitic statement.”

Minister Rabbi Yaakov Litzman called for an investigation into Liberman’s remarks and said, “The instinct of hatred and the urge to incite that motivates Yvette, causes him to lose his rails.”

Rabbi Litzman added a call for Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, “to check this, in the face of wild and dangerous incitement that encourages harm to the public, and is allegedly contrary to the law and election procedures.”

Chairman of Religious Zionism Betzalel Smotrich responded to Liberman’s remarks, saying, “Yvette Liberman is the most dangerous man in the political system. He builds itself on hatred and agitation. I very much hope that he will dry up in the opposition for a few years and go home.”

Diaspora Minister Omar Yankelevich (Blue and White) said in response to Liberman’s remarks: “If a chareidi voted official were to say, ‘I will send the secular to the dumps’ the media would be up in arms, but when it comes to the chareidim, everything is allowed. And as for Liberman, “Only his incitement remains.”


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