Clue in Quest for Spy Eli Cohen’s Remains Found in Syria

Eli Cohen. (State of Israel)

Russian agents who have been searching for the remains of legendary  spy Eli Cohen have found an item believed to have belonged to Cohen in Syria.

Cohen, a Mossad agent whose intelligence on the Syrian military fortifications in the Golan Heights helped Israel win the Six Day War, was killed by the Syrian government in 1965.

The Russians had been searching in the area of the al-Yarmouk refugee camp, i24NEWS reported. The Syrians gave the Russians a detailed map of the area.

The Russians then passed the item on to Israel. It was not confirmed what the item was, but it may have been an article of clothing with his DNA or a document.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office confirmed they had the item in possession, the first time the Israeli government has acknowledged the search for Cohen’s remains.

The Russian government and the Syrian army have been collaborating on the effort in hope of securing a concession from Israel. Earlier this month, Israel and Syria exchanged citizens who had wandered over the border in a deal brokered by the Putin government. It was reported that Israel agreed to supply Syria with the Russian-manufactured coronavirus vaccine as part of the prisoner swap.


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