BD”E: Reb Moshe Dovid Kish, Z”l, of Boro Park

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Reb Moshe Dovid Kish, z”l, a longtime paramedic and member of Hatzolah of Boro Park, was niftar Tuesday morning.

He was only 49, having battled an illness for nearly ten years.

He continued to go on Hatzolah calls until he could no longer physically do so.

“Especially during this time, we saw that he wasn’t clawing to survive for himself; but for others. Through the worst times, and the most dire prognosis, he was focused on being there for others. He refused to contemplate or hear about negativity. He was filled with humor and positivity. And he used that—along with his incredibly dedicated eishes chayil, Mrs. Devoiry Kish, who stood by him through thick and thin — to be mechazek others,” said a friend.

His passing is a shattering loss not only for his family, but for the innumerable people whom he strengthened as they navigated their own pain and suffering.

One person who observed him on a number of occasions at a Shabbos away noted: “When he wasn’t helping people, he was busy learning.”

The chessed that Reb Moshe Dovid has accomplished in his short time on this earth is mind-boggling, but the inspiration that he leaves behind: a yungerman who was chosen for yissurim, and accepted them with a whole heart, with humor, with ironclad emunah, and was a shining beacon to all those around him, will remain in their hearts forever.

The levayah will take place at Yeshivah Chassan Sofer, 1976 50th Street — where the niftar and his family were lifelong talmidim —  at 1:00 pm Tuesday.

Yehi zichro baruch.

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