Reopening—With Eyes on the Numbers, Election Looming


The latest phase of the coronavirus exit commenced on Sunday amid another phase of official finger-wagging.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said that, while there is reason for optimism after today’s reopening of malls and restaurants, his office is “very concerned.” Only if people follow the government’s health guidelines will the country will be able to avoid another lockdown, he warned.

Coronavirus commissioner Nahman Ash also said that they are watching the numbers carefully and if they rise too high a fourth lockdown would be unavoidable.

“We will have to track the numbers and as long as the increase in cases is under control and there is no surge in serious cases, we will be able to keep the economy open,” he said, noting that serious cases in hospitals were dropping.

The number of seriously ill patient stands at 712, following the downward trend of the past two weeks.

However, senior government officials say they are certain there will not be another lockdown prior to the elections on March 23, according to a Kan News report.

The Health Ministry said on Sunday evening that 1,246 new coronavirus cases had been diagnosed since the night before.

Updated Health Ministry figures show 1,863 new coronavirus cases were identified yesterday.

The number of active patients has dropped by 3,353 since early Sunday and by evening was 37,472.

The death toll since the start of the pandemic rose to 5,889.