Health Ministry Revokes License of Doctor Accused of Opposing Vaccinations

Political poster for the party of Dr. Aryeh Avni. (vai social media)

The Israeli Health Ministry has revoked the medical license of a doctor who has allegedly publicly advised people to avoid getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

Retired Judge Amnon Strashnov, who made the decision to take away Dr. Aryeh Avni’s medical credentials, explained that the doctor’s statements were a danger to the public safety.

“This goes far beyond what is reasonable and permissible in the context of freedom of expression, which is an important and protected value in any democratic society – and you have a clear prescription for the complete anarchy that the recipient is trying to cause, while boasting the title of doctor,” Strashnov said.

“I did not find any connection between the important value of freedom of expression, as the recipient claims, and the harsh and defamatory expressions he took – without any scientific or academic basis – and all from his fertile and unbridled imagination. The recipient and his peers will know that freedom of expression does not mean freedom contempt,” he said.

“Accordingly, I adopt the committee’s recommendation regarding the conviction of the defendant, as set forth in the report,” the judge wrote. He referred to a report submitted to the medical community’s disciplinary committee, which listed complaints and gave the recommendation to revoke Avni’s license.

Avni has denied that he is against vaccination, insisting that he is only opposed to methods that coerce or marginalize those individuals who choose not to get shots.

As one of the more vociferous critics of Israeli health policy during the pandemic, Avni accused the Ministry of “unbearable medical coercion and violation of human rights: lockdowns, social distancing, cellular tracking, green passports, masks, economic destruction and deceit.”

Avni is currently a political candidate running for the Knesset as head of the Rapeh Party, which advocates wide-ranging reform’s in the country’s healthcare system. It was not immediately known how the Ministry’s decision would affect the legal status of his party.

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