Boro Park Chaveirim Volunteers Fill and Patch Sinkhole on 16th Ave.


After many 311 calls did not result in any help from the city to fill a large and dangerous sinkhole on 16th Ave. and 48th St., the Boro Park Chaveirim took matters into their hands.

“We had gotten a few phone calls for flat tires at 16th Ave. and 48th St.,” recalled Ari, who coordinates 170 volunteers of the Boro Park Chaveirim. “Then, we tried putting cones on the street, but people drove over the cones, which then got stuck under people’s cars.”

Then, after someone who was trying to help the situation stuck a metal garbage can in the sinkhole, Chaverim started getting calls that people were having problems after a driving over the garbage can, which is when Chaverim set out to remedy the situation.


First, three Chaverim volunteers headed to Home Depot to buy asphalt and other necessary supplies, before returning to fix the sinkhole at 1 a.m., when 16th Avenue is unusually quiet, Ari explained.

“Then, three Chaverim volunteers took the garbage can out of the sinkhole, and then filled and patched it up,” said Ari, who mentioned that Boro Park Chaverim has received 2,000 calls since the onset of the Tuesday’s snowstorm. “I hope it will stay like that, and that people won’t get any more flat tires.”

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