Prof. Nachman Ash Doesn’t Rule Out Fourth Lockdown

Israel’s coronavirus commissioner Prof. Nachman Ash (David Cohen/Flash90)

Coronavirus commissioner Prof. Nachman Ash said that although unlikely, it is not impossible that Isrel will enter yet another lockdown.

“I do not rule out another lockdown, but I hope we do not have to get there. We want to open up the economy in a measured way when the vaccines reduce morbidity. If we had used other tools to reduce the morbidity, we might have been in a different situation,” Ash said. “There are about 80 cases of the strain from South Africa. We are working to locate each case.”

On the issue of the current vaccination rollout, he said, “We still want to continue making efforts to vaccinate the at-risk populations before opening to more populations. We have not reached the maximum utilization of the vaccines for the populations that can already be vaccinated. The British mutation is infecting the young population at a higher frequency. There is a very moderate decrease in the number of critically ill patients, and the burden on hospitals is great. The mutations may require an additional dose of the vaccine.”

Questioned about the plan for the resumption of schooling and trade, Ash replied, “We are trying to find the best balance between the fear of rising morbidity and the need to open up the economy. We are interested in resuming studies and are examining the right outline.”

Ash ended by strongly condemning communal gatherings and parties and called on the police to enforce adherence to the guidelines.

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