Three Toronto Shuls Hold Adopt-a-Kollel Virtual Renewals Amid Lockdown


The city of Toronto is in the midst of a strict lockdown, with all schools closed and shuls limited to 10 people in a room at once.

Despite the situation, three Toronto shuls went ahead with Adopt-a-Kollel virtual renewal events, where the members dedicated another year of hachzakas haTorah for their respective kollelim.

The kehillah of Kollel Oholei Yom Tov, led by Harav Yisroel Bollag, held it eighth-year renewal with Kollel Nachlas Eliezer, led by Rosh Kollel Harav Simcha Maimon, one of the Gedolei Beis Brisk.

The kehillah of Kollel Ohr Yosef, led by Harav Mordechai Scheiner, located in the Thornhill suburb of Toronto, also held their second-year renewal with Kollel Lamed Tes Melachos in Yerushalayim, led by Harav Moshe Leitner.

The third shul, Bais Medrash Shoavei Mayim of Toronto, led by Harav Yoir Adler, held their eighth annual renewal with Kollel Halacha L’Moshe, led by Rosh Kollel Harav Moshe Rom. Rav Adler was slated to speak in honor of the renewal.

Because shul participation is extremely limited in Toronto, Adopt-a-Kollel gabba’im have been calling individual members of their shuls to facilitate renewals and the process is being done primarily by email.