The Chicago Center Steps Up to the COVID Crisis

Meals prepared by The Chicago Center to send out to community members in quarantine.

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, The Chicago Center has touched the lives of thousands through the Center’s Refuah 311 programs, the COVID-19 clinic, the new Chesed Kitchen of Chicago, a network of local medical and mental health practitioners, and an army of volunteers.

All in all, they have administered more than 9,750 free PCR COVID tests, 950 rapid COVID tests, 4,000 free antibody tests, 1,200 medical referrals and advocacy cases, delivered 11,954 weekday meals and 3,240 Shabbos meals, assisted 350 families through the mental health division, lent out medical equipment, and provided toys and projects for the community.

To save lives, The Chicago Center assisted patients needing medical assistance at home with ventilators, along with a team of nurses and doctors checking regularly on the patients and oxygen machines.

When the hospitals were overwhelmed with patients, The Chicago Center partnered with North Shore hospitals and provided them with ventilators. The Refuah 311 team utilized their long-lasting, close relationships with the doctors to ensure utmost care for the hospitalized patients.

By providing tablets for the patients, the families were able to communicate and give support to the patients despite not being allowed to visit.

Even at difficult times like hours before Shabbos and Yom Tov, The Chicago Center was privileged to step up to the plate and help the Chicago community, whether through COVID testing for teachers and Rebbeim, enabling schools to remain open and baalei toke’a and baalei tefillah to be able to continue their avodas hakodesh, or delivering meals to families that were just confirmed positive and all plans canceled mere hours before the onset of Shabbos or Yom Tov. The staff and volunteers willingly reached out to families, and ensured they had all they needed to make the quarantine time as comfortable as possible.

It is a true kiddush Hashem to see the Chicago community united together to help each other throughout these times!