Israel Delegation to Sudan Discusses Normalization

Former Sudanese Prime Minister and head of the National Umma Party, Sadiq al-Mahdi slammed an announcement by President Donald Trump that Sudan would start normalizing ties with Israel, during a news conference in Khartoum, Sudan. ital in the United Arab Emirates, his party said. (AP Photo/Marwan Ali, File)

Intelligence Services Minister Eli Cohen on Monday led an official delegation to Sudan to discuss moving forward on the U.S.-brokered deal to normalize relations.

“I am confident this visit lays the foundations for many important collaborations that will assist both Israel and Sudan as well as security stability in the region,” Minister Eli Cohen said in a statement after returning home.

Sudan joined the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco last year in agreeing to normalization of ties with Israel.

The connection is likely to focus on the possibility of establishing infrastructure projects, including desalination and renewable energy facilities, and agriculture training.

A Sudanese delegation is expected to now travel to Israel.