Dominion Voting Systems Sues Giuliani for Defamation

Dominion Voting Systems, whose voting machines were repeatedly attacked as fraudulent by Rudy Giuliani, has sued Donald Trump’s lawyer for defamation.

The company is seeking $1.3 billion in damages for Giuliani’s “demonstrably false” claims that the voting machines were hacked by foreign actors to commit election fraud.

Sidney Powell, another member of Trump’s legal team, is facing a lawsuit by Dominion, Axios reported. Powell was the source of widespread confusion and mockery for claiming Dominion was working Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez to rig the 2020 election against Trump. Chávez died in 2013.

In the court filings, Dominion quoted more than 50 times that Giuliani made claims of election fraud against the company in court, press conferences, social media and media interviews, even after the company sent him a cease and desist letter.

“Although he was unwilling to make false election fraud claims about Dominion and its voting machines in a court of law because he knew those allegations are false, he and his allies manufactured and disseminated the ‘Big Lie,’ which foreseeably went viral and deceived millions of people into believing that Dominion had stolen their votes and fixed the election,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit further cited death threats and harassment against CEO John Poulos and Dominion employees, and major blows to the company’s reputation and bottom line.