BDE: Harav Pinchos Dovid Horowitz, Bostoner-Chuster Rebbe of Boro Park

Harav Pinchos Dovid Horowitz, zt”l, BoroPark24.comBostoner-Chuster Rebbe of Boro Park. (JDN)

The Bostoner-Chuster Rebbe of Boro Park, Harav Pinchos Dovid Horowitz, has passed away at the age of 76.

The Rebbe was born on 26 Nissan, 5704/1943 in New York. When he was 1 year old, his parents moved to Boston, where he lived until he was 9 years old.

At that age, he was sent off to New York to learn in Yeshiva Torah Vodaas in Williamsburg. As he was getting ready to leave, his mother, who was emotional about sending off her young son to a far away city, began to cry. Young Pinchos Dovid consoled her by saying, “I have to go to cheder, so please don’t cry.”

Rav Pinchos Dovid remained in Yeshiva Torah Vodaas until beis medrash, and then went to learn by Rav Aharon Kotler, zt”l, in Lakewwod for a short while. He then went to Ponovezh in Eretz Yisrael, where he learned by Harav Shmuel Rozovsky, zt”l. He was recognized as one of the masmidim and talmidei chachamim of the yeshiva.

After his marriage to the daughter of the Chuster Rav, zt”l, Rav Pinchos Dovid learned in Bais Medrash Govoha of Lakewood until he was 26. When his father-in-law was niftar in 5729/1969, he moved to Boro Park and became the Chuster Rav, a position he held for half a century. When his father was niftar, he became the Bostoner Rebbe.

The Rebbe was the founder of Chai Lifeline, and was instrumental in starting Camp Simcha, their first project. Zichron Menachem, the parallel organization in Eretz Yisrael, was started in memory of Menachem Ehrenthal, a”h, the first person which Chai Lifeline helped when it was started.

The Rebbehad a kollel for Rabbanim, and was involved in the field of kashrus supervision for many years, and was involved in Nachas Health Net to help provide health insurance for those in need.

The levayah will take place at 10:00 a.m. Friday at the Chust shul, located at 1184 53rd Street. Kevurah will be on Har Hazeisim.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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