Police Commander Indicted for Hitting Chareidi Boy Without Reason


The Department of Police Investigations in the State Attorney’s Office last week filed an indictment in the Yerushalayim Magistrate’s Court against Lev Habirah station Commander Deputy Commissioner Shimon Marciano, for two counts of assault.

According to the indictment, in October, Marciano commanded a police force that secured a large-scale protest held in chareidi neighborhoods in Yerushalayim.

At one point the demonstration became violent and included riots, including burning trash cans, throwing stones at police, and shouting insults at them.

During the protest, late at night, Marciano began running towards a group of protesters, who were standing next to him on Shivtei Yisrael Street, and who were suspected of throwing stones at the police force. A 12-year-old boy, who was standing with a group of spectators at the scene, began fleeing.

The indictment states that the policeman grabbed the minor, pushed him hard against a wall and as a result the boy fell to the ground. While he was on the ground he shouted again, “I didn’t do anything,” without resisting or taking other action, and Marciano slapped him in the face, without any reason or justification.

Shortly afterwards Marciano noticed a protester holding a cellphone in his hand and photographing the boy being led by another policeman. Marciano grabbed the demonstrator’s back, pushed him and knocked him to the ground.