MK Ofer Shelach Quits Yesh Atid to Form New Party

State Control Committee Chairman MK Ofer Shelach. (Knesset Spokesman)

The political dramas continue in Israel, with the latest being MK Ofer Shelach’s announcement Thursday that he will be leaving Yesh Atid and forming his own party.

He will be joined in his new project by the president of the organization of self-employed workers, Ro’i Cohen. It is yet to be seen who else will join Shelach.

Several months ago, Shelach – at one stage the righthand man of Yair Lapid – said that he wants party leader Lapid to allow a primary election for the leadership for the first time ever – and that he intends to run for the party leadership.

“If there are not primaries, we will never be a real alternative and will never win,” he said at the time.

Lapid replied that he will stay in the party even if Shelach wins the primary, but it seems that now Shelach has made the move.


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