Gov Murphy Honors Doctor Elliott Samet’s Memory

Dr. Elliott Samet, z”l.

At a news conference Monday, November 16, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy memorialized Dr. Elliott Samet, z”l, an outstanding physician who passed away on April 7 after contracting COVID-19.

“He treated every patient as if they were a member of his own family. He was equally devoted to the Jewish community, his faith, and the study of the Torah. Through this, he selflessly supported families in need wherever and whenever he could. And the community responded to his goodness in kind. He was a founding board member of Hatzloah of Passaic … May Dr. Samet’s commitment to his community be his legacy, and may his memory be a blessing.”

Dr. Samet worked at St. Mary’s General Hospital in Passaic, NJ, where he cared for the tiniest newborns. Dr. Daniel Conroy, the hospital’s VP of Medical Affairs, recalled him “as a committed doctor who would come to the hospital in the middle of the night should a newborn need evaluating. He was always so positive and enthusiastic – a very positive man who worked with what he was given.”

Mrs. Samet was interviewed by the Governor on Thursday. In response to her question as to why he was doing this, the governor replied that reporting stats are good but too impersonal, so he decided to do these more personal conferences, taking the time to remember New Jersey residents who have passed away from the coronavirus.

The governor’s staff read all obituaries and selected those that stood out, and apparently all that was written about him, including the personal comments, impressed the staff.

Dr. Samet’s passing left his wife Toby, their six children and grandchildren and the entire Passaic community devastated. He was always there for his patients at all times of the day, from the simplest to the most complicated cases, never resting when his expertise was needed.

Updated Monday, November 16, 2020 at 3:45 pm .