Palestinian Terrorist Who Stalked Rosh Ha’ayin Indicted


A Palestinian who had planned a terror attack in Rosh Ha’ayin but was thwarted by police in late September, was indicted on Monday.

The case was under a court gag order since September 29, which was lifted after the accused man was charged in military court on Sunday.

Moataz Musa Hussein reportedly roamed the streets of Rosh Ha’ayin for about two hours looking for a suitable victim. B’chasdei shamayim, after passing up several potential targets, including a mother and child, police who had been notified of the suspicious person arrived at the scene and arrested him.

“Officers conducted searches during which they spotted the suspect. The officers approached him, subdued him and noticed that a loaded pistol, ammunition magazines and a box of bullets were hidden on him… Their effort effectively prevented the terror attack,” police said, according to The Times of Israel.

“Following his interrogation, the suspect admitted that he had planned to carry out a terror attack,” police said.

Hussein reportedly entered Israel through a gap in the security fence.