Netanyahu Called on Knesset Floor

Opposition leader MK Yair Lapid at the Knesset. Oren Ben (Hakoon/POOL)

The Knesset called a special session on what was called “Netanyahu’s disgraceful failure to handle the crisis” of the pandemic.

Accordingly, opposition MKs came with their conclusions ready to hurl at Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‏‏, who was obligated to come after the requisite 40 MKs signed a petition.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid said: “You couldn’t have done a worse job handling this epidemic. The failure carries your name on it.”

Former tourism minister Asaf Zamir of Blue and White, who recently resigned from the government over its restrictions on anti-Netanyahu protests during the lockdown, claimed he had been duped:

“When you called for unity, I believed you. It’s the last time I believed you because there is no chance you believed it yourself,” said Zamir, referring to the PM’s machinations apparently aimed at breaking up the coalition of Likud and Blue and White. He urged Netanyahu to pass a budget for 2021, an issue which has caused ongoing friction in the coalition and harmed the economy.

Netanyahu addresses his critics, saying that in most countries, the opposition leader supports the government’s fight against the pandemic. “Unfortunately, this is not the case in Israel.”

“I think that in times in emergency” all must come together, he said. Don’t use the coronavirus to split the people in order to get a few more votes in the polls.”

Netanyahu retaliated against his leading antagonists: “Lapid calls for disobeying the Health Ministry guidelines, Bennett calls for opening up the economy. All you hear from the opposition and in the media is the ‘Everything’s great’ choir and the ‘Everything’s wrong’ choir.”

“Earlier they said there was no plague, no corona. At the same time they shouted that everything was collapsing. Great or terrible I understand, but together? At the same time?”, Netanyahu wondered.