Boro Park and Flatbush Kehillos Asked to Demonstrate Compliance with Safety Gudlines


As COVID-19 positivity rates in Brooklyn neighborhoods have risen over the past few days, many kehillos in Boro Park and Flatbush have made announcements over Shabbos imploring their members to adhere strictly to the health guidelines set by the CDC and local authorities.

In Bobov, Rabbi Efroim Borenstein spoke Friday night in the main Bais Medrash asking in the name of the Kehillah that everyone should follow the government guidelines including using a face covering when in public.

In Bobov 45, Rabbi Tzvi Aryeh Reinhold spoke Friday night in the main Bais Medrash asking in the name of the Kehilla asking that all people should follow the guidelines set forth by the government ,including using a face covering when in public.

In all Satmar shuls in Boro Park under the leadership of the Satmar Rebbe Harav Aharon Teitelbaum, shlita, the Rabbanim/Dayanim were asked to make this announcement.

In the large Satmar shul on 52nd street under the leadership of the Satmar Rebbe Harav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, shlita, signs were posted right before Shabbos calling on all members to use face coverings.

In the Rachmastrivka Bais Medrash, Rabbi Moshe Shia Kramer spoke in the name of the Kehilla on Shabbos morning pleading with everyone, including men, women and children to use face coverings and follow all governmental guidelines.

In Emunas Yisroel and Krasne, an announcement was made on Friday night that all members should adhere to regulations, including wearing masks. Shabbos morning the announcement was repeated in Emunas Yisroel.

In Stolin, signs had already been posted last week calling on everyone to strictly enforcing all regulations.

In Flatbush, signs were posted in Yeshiva Rabeinu Chaim Berlin stating that the Rosh Yeshiva, Hagaon Harav Aharon Schechter, shlita, instructed that masks should be worn at all times in public. Several shuls in Flatbush posted the sign as well, and many Rabbonim made announcements asking full compliance from their kehillos.


Flatbush Hatzoloh, Flatbush Shomrim, FJCC, and Sephardic Community Federation released a joint message pleading with the community members to come into compliance with the health guidelines as outlined by the government officials.

“Under the direction of our Rabbonim and medical professionals, we strongly urge you to adhere to safety precautions due to the increase in covid-19 cases in our community. The rising numbers are legitimate and the danger is real,” they wrote. “We must take all necessary precaution to protect our family, friends and neighbors by the doing the following:

  •  Wear a mask properly
  •  Maintain social distance
  •  If you feel sick stay home
  • Avoid large gatherings
  •  Call your doctor if you have symptoms
  •  Hospitals have new treatments available that work if administered early.

“Additionally, as you are likely aware, the NYC Department of Health and the Mayor’s office have sounded the alarm and has threatened that unless immediate action is taken to reduce the increased positive numbers in our community, drastic enforcement and action could be taken, including the forced closure of our yeshivas, shuls and small businesses.

“The news media has been hyper-focused on our community’s non full compliance with pictures and videos of neighborhoods with unmasked individuals.

“We all understand and share the desire to keep our mosdos free of government interference. This requires us to comply with the accepted safety measures listed above.”

Updated Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 3:40 pm .