Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein Asks Community Leaders to Encourage Health Guidelines Compliance

(Office of Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein)

In a Friday afternoon conference call, NYS Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein spoke with over 100 community leaders, including the heads of many local mosdos, beseeching them to encourage their members to demonstrate complete compliance with the health guidelines set forth by government health officials.

“Assemblyman Eichenstein shared with the participants the reality of the situation,” a source who was on the call told Hamodia. “It’s no secret that there has been a definite uptick in our neighborhoods, and it is nearing the point where restrictions will be triggered. We all know the difficulty we had when there was a lockdown, and we certainly cannot allow this to happen again. So Simcha Eichenstein told the participants that the entire neighborhood must demonstrate their adherence to the guidelines so the local health officials will not bring back any of the devastating restrictions which we experience 6 months ago.”

Several press photographers have camped out in the area, snapping pictures of people walking without face coverings, according to the source on the conference call, and it reflects poorly on the community that these pictures are appearing across the country as the symbol of non-compliance. “Mr. Eichenstein explained that if we can show the government, which now includes both city and state officials, that the leadership of the community is actively working to turn things around, we have a chance to stave off any further limitations which can be triggered by the uptick in the positivity rates in our neighborhoods,” said Hamodia’s source.

Over Shabbos, many Rabbonim urged their own kehillos to adhere to all of the safety guidelines of the city and the state.