Education Committee Chairman: We Mustn’t Approve Lockdown Until Parents at Home With Children Are Compensated

Education Committee Committee Chairman MK Ram Shefa. (Knesset Spokesman)

During Wednesday’s meeting of the Education, Culture and Sports Committee on the government regulations that restrict the activity of educational institutions during the lockdown, Committee Chairman MK Ram Shefa (Blue and White) said, “We mustn’t approve the regulations submitted by the government as long as some compensation is not given to young parents who are forced to stay at home with their children [during the lockdown].

“As the days pass, more and more citizens realize that we are dealing with a very challenging situation, with the morbidity rate increasing. We demand to open the educational framework for children in the lower age levels, but the government has not done this and puts us in a situation that we, as a committee, cannot exclude the lower age levels based on the morbidity rate.

“What is happening is that a million parents need to go to work but have no arrangement for their children,” Shefa said.

“I am asking the Prime Minister and the Corona Cabinet to say that they understand the million young people who are in a bind, including teachers and kindergarten teachers who teach while their children are at home with them. We are talking about a public that carries the economy on its shoulders, and therefore a solution must be found for it, such as a law that will protect them from being fired, or granting some other compensation. As long as the Corona Cabinet is convening, we must not approve the regulations.”

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